I don’t know why I’d like to introduce myself here! The only reader of this weblog is myself for the time being. I even haven’t told Hoder _ who encouraged me a lot to have an English weblog _ about it yet. Well, who knows, maybe someone will come to my archive and read these lines in future! So, here we go:

I’m 25, single, with a big potato-like nose, giraffely tall, terribly messy in every aspect of my life, and obviously a girl since men usually don’t call themselves a lady! I work in a famous language school as an English teacher in the crazy exotic lovely crowded city of Tehran. If you are interested to know more about this crazy city, you can keep up reading my ramblings in the future! I madly love teaching, but I don’t earn much out of it. At the moment I’m working on my M.A dissertation, a feministic study of women characters in Joyce’s Dubliners, as an English Literature student.

I’m the editor of an electronic magazine called Cappuccino, the executive editor of Women in Iran English section, and the editor a Meta weblog indexing women-related issues presented in Persian weblogs. Besides all this, it’s been more than a year since I have had a Persian weblog with a big number of visitors. Actually, having this weblog initiated my rush into drowning in the vast chaotic world of cyber.

And by writing this intro I came up to know one more fact about myself, the fact that what a boasting-about-myself driven person I am! I’d better zip it up here since I don’t even know if it is safe to introduce myself over here or not! (So, don’t get surprised to see this post ‘disappeared’ one day!)