It was quite a fascinating idea to have an English weblog. I am fed up with all the worries I have had about my Persian weblog. People are getting arrested. Sina, our lovely friend is in jail, mostly because of what he has written in his weblog. Rumors are increasing about a new trend to close down internet sites and weblogs in Iran. My Persian weblog’s name or logo is in many weblogs, around 1000 to 1300 people visit it everyday, and thanks to internet sites I work for, I am not anonymous anymore. It gets sometimes terrifying to think about the strangers who read you everyday. There maybe some government-related visitors, there may be some guys from the intelligence service; some form other places you may never know. I’m positive I’m not in danger, since I have never written anything radical or political. I have been quite conservative in the last few months, completely aware of the eyes watching every single move of us. But you can’t stop the trains of thought moving around your head, scaring you as hell. I guess this English weblog will be read by much less dangerous people and I hope it will remain infamous so that I’ll be able to write about my naked observations of this crazy world honestly, uncensored and real.