Well, it was really a difficult week. We had our weekly session of our e-zine on Thursday. Almost everybody was present. I was energetic. I had some new ideas. I wanted to start talking about our next edition. But suddenly I found out that I was too much of an optimist. Talking about the new edition turned out to be a hot discussion over the issue of closing down our 11-month-old electronic magazine. It’s almost like my baby. We started this magazine where no one else was doing any similar work in Iran. We were a fresh group of young Iranian webloggers, almost all willing to become famous. We made our first mistake by becoming public. Before then we were all writing in our blogs anonymously. Many of us had nicknames, even those with real identities were not known to the public. For I really don’t remember what reason we started writing with our own identities. At the beginning everything was ok. But then we started to improve. We became famous, our hit increased. After 11 months of successful friendly teamwork, after months and months of crazy days with each other, going out to restaurants, going on holiday trips with our gang, becoming ironically famous as Persian internet mafia, days of fight and laughter, days of hard work to release unique editions, after all these things we were talking about closing down our magazine on Thursday. All my energy was drained out on my supposedly weekend day. I still don’t know what we’re going to do. Everybody was hesitant. We don’t want to close it down, but we are scared. We didn’t come up with any conclusions, but sooner or later we have to make a serious decision about it. I hope that decision will be to keep on publishing our magazine.