It seems the doom of this week is not going to end. Sina is still in prison. Nobody knows what’s going on. They have summoned Alireza Alavi Tabar, journalist and university professor, for interrogations. In the interrogation paper they have mentioned Alavi Tabar’s title as the editor of the electronic news site Emrooz (a radical political website). It seems arresting Sina has been their warm-up, and they have started paying attention to internet sites. My fears are growing, both for our e-zine and for our Women in Iran (Persian _ English) website. Of course we have been very much careful and conservative in our magazine, but Women in Iran is not a conservative site. The site is concerned with women issues. It includes a variety of topics such as problems and limitations occurring to women due to their gender, legal deficiencies that exist in the law concerning women’s rights, and the deficiencies and lacks existed in our governmental institutions concerning such issues.

I’ve become tired of all this fear and worries. I’ve decided to start posting in my Persian weblog again. The bewilderment of these days is pressuring me too much. I thought and thought and thought and came to this conclusion that I haven’t done anything wrong at all. I haven’t crossed any political red lines to be worried about. I have to forget about those people who are trying to identify me. It takes a long time to find me. And in case they find me, they can’t accuse me of anything.

If I start my Persian weblog again, I’ll definitely write here less. But I won’t stop it for sure, since the feedback I received in the last few days was incredibly positive, thanks to Iranian Girl who gave me a link in her popular weblog.