I’ve missed Kish Island. Last night we were at a party with some of our friends from the Kish tour. We danced and sang songs for almost 4 hours, forgetting about all the work we had to do. Today I didn’t get up on time and so I had to cancel my appointment with my private student. I was sleepy and tired as hell today, partly because of the quarrel I had with someone over the phone, someone so important and dear to me who occupied my mind the whole day. I kept shouting at him over the phone while I was in a taxi and the poor driver didn’t know what to do. However, the class gave me some energy to go on. I love my classes this term. Nice hardworking students who give me warm shoulders, laugh like hell at my jokes, and look at me with eager eyes, which makes me feel good.

After work I had a meeting with my colleagues in women in Iran website. We have started some rounds of talk over the fundamental basis of feminism. It seems a few of us know what feminism really is. We worked a little bit on thory today, talking about the first, second and new waves of feminism. What I got from our talks was that we are in the third wave of feminism, an eclectic wave including not just one feministic school, but rather “feminisms”. We talked about the pros and cons of radical, liberal, and socialist feminism, concluding that we have some bits and pieces of each of these categories in Iran, but we haven’t copied any of them blindly. We were in disagreement on whether we have a women movement in Iran or not, getting to the point that no matter what other nations have been through, we can have our own native version of feminism, adapting good ideas from all the theoretical sources we have had.

I brought Goje Sabz to the meeting, a green round sour fruit which is actualy an under-ripe plum, and is very popular here when is spiced by salt. The meeting was very fruitful, ended with the sour taste of Goje Sabz :)