A funny thing happened to me on Friday. I’ll choke if I don’t write about it here! On Friday afternoon I had a business meeting with three friends. We had an appointment at the Homa International Hotel (fromer Sheraton) and the guard didn’t let me in, ‘cuz I wasn’t wearing socks!! As far as I know, in Islam women should cover all their body and hair, except for their face, hands and feet. I don’t know why this mf guard didn’t let me in. I didn’t even bother arguing with him and we went to somewhere else. Recently some shops have been attacked in Tehran for selling short and tight manteus (the mandatory universal cloak raincoat that all women have to wear) to women. And amid these stupid conditions ruling our society, our (used-to-be dear) president Khatami releases a declaration, celebrating Khordad the second (May 22, 1977- his first round election by the highest vote ever recorded in the history of Iran for electing a president). I wonder how he dares to release a declaration! On the first anniversary of Khordad the second we all went to Tehran university. Khatami had a speech and all the youth attending that big gathering were applauding him. He was very energetic and we were all very positive that things were going to change. A lot of things have changed I admit, but look what is going on these days! An ever-growing new trend of arrests, attacks, and restrictions… And Khatami continues to talk about religious democracy in his celebrating declaration this year.

I wish he would resign rather than keeping up his hopes for change. I wish the price of reform wasn’t this high.