I went to get my passport today. I had a hectic day and my time got wasted a lot. But among all this one thing really bothered me and that was observing the fact that women in Iran can’t leave the country without their husband’s permission, and therefore they can’t get their passports without their husband’s official permission either. There was a woman begging an officer there to let her get her passport. Poor old woman never had heard of such a stupid rule. She was complaining that her husband is a bastard and won’t let her go to Syria to visit Saint Zeynab’s Holy Shrine. Another lady didn’t have her husband’s permission since her husband was waiting for her in Italy! And I was wondering why on earth we have such stupid rules in our country in the 21st century. I guess we have to set a campaign against it. Something in the eyes of that old woman moved me. Something familiar, something reminding me of my Mom’s friend’s face telling me about her husband not letting her get her passport, justifying that she didn’t need one; the look of a desperate weak woman that was confronting with the realities of a patriarchal society.