I was ready to kill someone yesterday, anyone. I went to my Masters school in Mirdamad Street. They asked me to bring them a proof that I have passed my Islamic Ethics courses during college. That’s not my job. They have to do inquiries about it themselves. Anyways, they gave me a letter written by our university’s dean to submit to my B.A college in Shari’ati Street. I went there, they said you have to go to our headquarter in Pasdaran Street. I went there, first to Block A1, Block A1 directed me to Block A3, Block A3 directed me to Block A2. And all the people working in different departments refused to give me that paper that included my ethics transcript, justifying that the letter is written by my college’s dean and that’s not valid! It should been written by the head of our branch headquarter! The funny thing is that the college that I got my B.A in, and my M.A. university are both different branches of the same university called Azad University! I started shouting and yelling at the first person at hand. This is because our university’s headquarter is such a chaotic place that it would take them ages to do any kind of work. Thank goodness that one of the employees recognized that I am about to burst, and took the letter and promised he’ll do something for me. After I got back home I had the feeling of a person coming back from war, wounded and tired. I slept for 4 hours, dreaming crazy angry things.

My Iranian readers are completely familiar with this university, but I guess our foreign visitors have no idea what kind of place this asylum is. Some years ago, some members of the government decided to establish this university as a non-governmental private university, that would charge tuition from the students, and provide the opportunity for everybody to study at university. (Due to the high number of volunteers to study at universities and due to the lack of enough number of universities in Iran, a great number of candidates couldn’t enter universities every year.)

Azad University started its work with a small building in Tehran, continued its work till now, having thousands of branches in every corner of the country, even in some rural areas. The idea was a good one and still is, since a lot of people can go to university now. But there are a lots of logistical problems as well, that make you doubt about the nature of this university. In contrast to the very high tuition they charge, and the terrible bureaucracy ruling there, along with many other problems that severly damage the educational facilities available makes many people such as me regret studying at this university.

I have a long way to go to finish my work here. For defending my thesis I have to spend hours and hours going from one branch to another one, getting near murder stage, and eventualy even bribing some people. And along all this I have to forget what my friend told me about that bureaucracy issue in universities of America. He just told me that if I were in the States they would have got my ethics course marks and submited them to my department in just 20 minutes! Isn’t that just funny that I have to wait for the next four days and then call to see if any progress has happened to my work till then?

God I want to get out of this asylum!