Nina is a very interesting woman, a type of woman I could make friends with if we were living in the same area. She came late because of the mad traffic. I asked her to relax out there in the park for a while. We smoked and then went for the speech. I was her translator

There was one woman in the audience who was a pain in the neck! All through the session she kept nagging at my translation, and mocking my mistakes! I finally got angry in the middle of the meeting and asked her to come and translate if she could do better. After that she shut up and I gained my self-confidence back. I was wondering what that woman was looking for by showing off her English. I translated everything very simply and informally, since the meeting was casual and relaxed. Everybody was pleased and I tried my best to convey the meaning correctly.

I guess it is inevitable to omit some sentences while doing oral translation, trying to help the communication take place and the meaning conveyed. That girl sent so much negative energy that my migraine came back.

But after the speech people came and thanked me and we had some delicious vegetarian sandwiches in the Cafe, smoked outside since the Cafe is a Green one, and had a friendly chat with Nina.

She was very impressed by Iranian people’s conduct. She’s going to write an article describing all her observations, trying to show the truth about life in Iran. I hope her article will make a change in the attitudes of majority of people in Norway _which I assume are the same negative attitudes that many people in other Western countries share_ towards Iranians.