Cappuccino, our electronic magazine, has celebrated its first birthday. It was about a year ago that five other bloggers, and I, gathered in a coffee shop, talking about creating Iran’s first online weekly. In a week the design was ready and we released our issue no.0 right before the FIFA World Cup, to have an exclusive issue for the occasion.

We named our magazine Cappuccino, since we had our weekly meetings in coffee shops. Now the magazine itself looks like a coffee shop to our readers, where they can come and have a cup of our magazine, reading our articles about different issues such as cinema, music, internet, social reports, stories, satire, panorama, and etc.

It’s really hard to believe my eyes, seeing our 53rd edition as our anniversary edition. My baby cappuccino has successfully overcome all the problems, and now is ready to start its second year of existence more professionally.

Khodadad, one of our friends residing in London, has written a piece in English in our special edition about Cappuccino called Cappuccino and I: The Chronicle of a Love Affair.