The riots are declining. Dormitories are evacuated and in ruins. Examinations are suspended. Students are wounded, not only physically, but very much emotionally and mentally.

They were sleeping. I’m talking about students of Tarasht dormitory. They were sleeping while in the middle of midnight pressure groups attacked them like wasps. He was probably dreaming of his wife whom he claims to love more than God when he was hit by the thunderstorm, thunderstorm of the so-called pressure groups. He was running in the middle of midnight, injured, scared, and helpless. People helped him, took him into one of the houses in the area, trying to attend to his injuries. Members of the pressure groups followed him, entered the house, and asked to take the wounded student with them out. The residents of the house didn’t allow them, shouted, and the other neighbors came to help. They sent the pressure groups out. The boy was dying. They asked for help. The emergency center had run out of ambulances. Police came and took him to the hospital. Where is he now? How is he now? No one knows What is his wife whom he loves more than God doing? What is God doing?

He was sleeping when the wasps came; many other students were sleeping as well when they were beaten in the same way. Other students were protesting peacefully when the thunderstorm hit them out of nowhere. People in Iran were living their lives when the thunderstorm hit them. Mortal impact I name it. Where did it come from? Where does it get nourished? Who is supporting all these wasps, all this thunder; all these pressure groups; you name it? No one exactly knows. Or we know and we don’t want to admit, or we know and we are afraid of admitting, or we know and we can do shit about it!

I am bitter, sentimentally angry, and dreadfully sad. Monarchists are killing themselves rambling about a new revolution, a protest, an opposition I hate monarchy, we hate monarchy, we hate any sort of dictatorship. I hate this stupid Bush who is releasing statements in support of the students. I hate him who has no idea what kind of people Iranians are. I hate the monarchists who think we are that stupid to put the red carpet for Reza Pahlavi, the late Shah’s sun. I hate the pressure groups who are literally massacring their fellow Iranian citizens. I hate our reformist government who can do shit about all this chaos. I hate our ‘real’ Government who has closed its eyes on the reality and seeks for popularity and stability in suppressing people. I hate all the students including myself who can do nothing. The biggest thing we can do is just playing the role of scapegoats, victims of the ignorance, brutality, whatever…

If only they knew how small the amount of freedom we are seeking is