I was surprised by my last post’s feedback. The most interesting point for me was the fact that my post was not political at all, but it has been interpreted as a political post mostly.

I was angry and sad when I wrote that part, mostly because of seeing the pictures of that boy who was beaten in his dorm while sleeping, and I have to confess that I was more emotional rather than logical while writing that.

Loving or hating Bush or any other foreign politician doesn’t do me or my nation any good. I have no right to judge Bush’s administration unless it is related to my country; and unfortunately it is related somehow. Bush is claiming to set the global order in the world while I have heard from many people, including both my Iranian friends living in US or American friends, and I have read in the press, that Bush has cheated in the elections. That’s none of my business if he has cheated or not. This matter should be taken care of by the American nation. But I don’t want a dishonest person who is quite notorious in his discourse to decide what is right and what is wrong for my country and for the rest of the world. I do want people to support the students in Iran, but I see no point but disturbance in Bush supporting the students. When he supports them, bells start ringing in the minds of the hardliners here that most probably the riots are getting nourished by Bush and his gang. The forgotten point here is that students didn’t start rioting. Everything started from their peaceful marching to protest against the privatization of universities. Suddenly the members of the pressure groups attacked them out of nowhere hitting the students. Everything started when the innocent students were unfairly beaten by the members of the pressure group who seems to be immune by a secret power.

When they start hitting you, massacring you, and disrespecting you, you will become defensive. That’s exactly what happened to the students. But when the defense started it turned out into a riot.

I strongly object anyone who claims that students had plans from before to oppose the government, and I don’t see any point in some of the foreign media’s interpretation of the case as a revolution to oust the government. But when Bush becomes so excited in defending the students, the truth hides behind the attractive interpretations and everyone thinks that students have started a revolution against the regime.

I don’t see any point in revolutionary riots. I believe we have to go gradually with the reform, start changes from the basic structures of the society, and we should start it from ourselves. I see no alternative for the present regime for the time being; any government is going to be the same for our country unless we change. Unless we change ourselves, nothing will change. History has proven to us that, at least in our country, democracy is unreachable by the help of a foreign power. If we want change, reform, or whatever, we have to gain it ourselves, and we should not beg it from a foreign power.

Bush attacked and occupied Iraq, but do you really think he is The Savior? Look what has happened to Iraqi people. Are they better off? Look at the injured and dead children; look at the picture of the little child killed yesterday by American troops; look at the national museum of Iraq; look at Is that kind of freedom Bush wants to give my country?

Where was he and his fellow neo-conservative friends when the same Saddam Hussein (who is now the most despised figure in the world) was bombing Iran with chemical weapons? Where was this philanthropic president ‘for all seasons’ when Iranian girls have been raped and buried in mass graves by Iraqi soldiers? Who was caring about Iranians’ freedom, democracy and solidarity when cities of Iran were hit by US made Iraqi missiles?

Why is Bush listing Iran as a country that supports terrorism, and even if he is right, why is he setting limitations for Iranian ordinary people who have suffered the most from terrorism? Why are our movie directors being rejected to enter the States to participate in film festivals (1 , 2 )? Why are our sportsmen fingerprinted while entering the country? Why? What kind of support of the Iranian people is this?

Let us Iranians be suspicious and resentful about any green light Bush and his gang show us. Let us take care of our own diverse society and freedom ourselves