It seems the riots are somehow continuing, this time with a different nature. It’s not the peaceful protest of university students anymore. Everyday we hear from a different corner of the city that people, specially the youth, have been out protesting. Of course, wherever the people are, the members of pressure groups are there as well.

If you go near universities and dormitories in the evening, you’ll see plenty of police vehicles guarding the area. The Iranian opposition satellite programs cannot be received due to the strong interference noises produced by microwave rays sent from nobody knows where. (There are rumors about the harmful effects of these waves on human reproductive functions.)

. . .

I don’t know who is paying and supporting these pressure groups. If the pressure groups go on with their crimes, people will not tolerate them, and the protests will become more serious. Then a bloody revolution may start. It seems strange if all this has been planned by the hardliners. They will dig their own graves by doing so. I don’t think they’re that stupid. Some strongly believe the pressure groups are supported by US rightists, some say by the monarchists. I don’t care who is supporting them. I just want all this massacre to end. I want my childhood play-mate neighbors back home. I want the injuries heeled. I want this disgraced generation of students gain their respect and peace back. It’s not only me who wants this, all the Iranians want it. Those who are killing and committing murders and violence, all those heartless members of pressure groups, all those authorities that are supporting them are not considered as Iranian. They don’t have the right to be called Iranian. They are the residents of hell; a hell made of their brutality and ignorance.