On June 16th, 2003 CNN has published an article in its TECH
section titled:

Prostitute diary tops Iran Web hit

This article was published based on the report by Firouz Sedarat, Reuters
news agency reporter in Tehran titled:

Iran Internet Use at Risk from Conservatives

This clear fabrication, and manipulation of news headlines can lead to
disastrous results for Iranian Internet users. Such provocative headlines
are the best excuse for tougher regulations on the Internet freedom of
speech, which is currently being discussed in the Iranian parliament and
judiciary. Ironically this comes at a time when personal websites, and
weblogs have become the most valid news source from the Iranian nations
continuing struggle towards democracy.


Iranian Internet users have organized a protest, in the form of an online
petition, against this form of biased reporting from CNN. I urge you to
read and consider signing this petition to protect freedom of speech in
the time when it is most needed for the Iranian nation.

This petition is located at: