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Ayene (Mirror) _one of the Iranian websites I adore_ is updated. You don’t need to know Persian to enjoy this website. Just go there and let the magic of sound and sight capture your heart. (Its English version is coming soon by the way.)

My favorites are what they did last year for 9/11 and a piece called ‘Freedom’ which suits these days very well.


To love,
And to freedom,
Plenty paths are ahead;
To peace,
And to humanity as well.

Don’t ever lose your heart’s words,
Don’t ever cross out your numerous verses;
For one is verse breaking
And one is word burning

Fatigued I am, fatigued!
Play my notes…
Compose me…

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“They were tired of their situation. They wanted to have their own life; they wanted to be away from each other for a while to experience the feeling of missing each other.” These are what Mohammad Jafari, the director of documentary film Laleh and Ladan that made Singapore’s people attracted to their situation in Singapore film festival, says in his article in this month’s Film magazine edition. “We made them encounter people of different specialties. The first person we met was a clergyman. The first question they asked was whether they could marry. The clergyman disappointed them by saying they couldn’t, since in Islam a man can’t be married to two sisters at the same time (in Iran polygamy is allowed) and two men can’t marry them as well [perhaps because of seeing their sister-in-law without Islamic coverage or whatsoever.] One of them wished to study law, while the other wished to study psychology and therefore one of them had to compromise for the sake of the other. They were tired of not having individuality.”

And I guess that’s what made them bravely accept such a big risk. They were so clever and full of hope. They had studied law in one of the best universities of Tehran. Being conjoined didn’t stop them from many things, but from having individuality.

I see a big irony comparing the sad death of these most-ever-loved-in-Iran twins with the current events of Iran. Some people are ready to die for having their individuality back; some people are ready to kill, to take some others’ individuality away.

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I’m alive folks. Thanks for your kind emails and comments. I’ve been busy as helllllll; gotta start writing again tomorrow ;)

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Thanks to dear Amoo Hamid, Lady Sun is on her own host now: operated by Movable Type :)

My email address is changed as well:

My dear Friend Mr. Hex modified my current template out of the one ‘New Blogger’ offers and transferred it into as well. Hamid and Mr.Hex are my dear friends that I got to know in Iranian weblog society and I don’t know how to thank them enough for doing all this_ free of charge of course_ :)

I have to go now and see what this MT is all about. Ta ta my old fellow Blogger!

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I am really busy these days, working on my dissertation. I don’t read much news; therefore I don’t have that much hot news to write here. All I can say is that the real government is trying his best to prevent any sort of anniversary ceremony for July 9. No one is allowed to hold any sort of ceremony on that day whereas there are some concerts getting held on that day and the days before and after that. Many people are suspicious that the concerts are getting held to distract people’s attention on these days. I hope everything will be peaceful. No more blood on the streets I hope…

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4000 people are in jail, as it has been officially announced. There should be even more people arrested I assume and no one gives a shit. Our two neighbor boys who have been arrested on the first days of the riot have not come back home yet; no one even knows where one of them is and no one gives a shit. Jack Straw is in Iran to express his government’s worries about the nuclear weapons and etc. Mrs. Rice is saying that US will treat Iran differently from Iraq. The foreign media, specially the American one are trying hard to interview Iranian people, to research about the roles of stupid Iranian Satellite TV programs in the recent riots and the role they may have in causing a revolution and at the same time there are some equipments getting implemented all over the city to produce noise against these programs and there is a rumor that these noises are harmful rays for body and no one gives a shit. 4 of our MPs, the only ones who have got the balls I guess, are spending 2 days in sanctuary in the corridors of the parliament to protest against the detentions and no one gives a shit. Khatami is trying his best to ratify his bills about the increase in the presidential authority but he hasn’t been successful at all since no one gives a shit. Those MPs who wrote that famous protesting letter to the leader are getting beaten or threatened in different places but again no one gives a shit. Our president and reformist MPs can’t do anything useful and yet they don’t resign and no one gives a shit. And I think we just have to sit and wait for a miracle ’cause no one gives a shit…

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