I need to write. So many things happened. I became mad! I got married, I got my English Literature masters with a high score, and I changed my job. These days I work in a big car factory with a group of Indians. I’m their interpreter and their project’s translator. I have fun with them but my job is not interactive enough. I still miss my old teaching career. But the fact is I can’t get on with low salary as a teacher anymore. I used to get something around 100 to 150 $ per month. That meant 1 to 1.5 $ per hour. But then I had the support of my father. Now that I’m married I have to make more money.

We are waiting for our US visa. My husband is a PhD student in the US. He came to Iran in summer to marry me. His visa clearance has delayed for more than 3 months. He has missed this semester, but he’s not alone. So many other Iranian students are in the same condition. It’s obvious that the delay is due to political affairs. The funny thing is that my F2visa has been cleared! It’s really confusing, and it’s a pity. Instead of paying attention to the capabilities of Iranian students (that are really hard working and clever), the US state department is paying attention to what Mullahs do in Iran. What state department is doing is very similar to what the conservatives do in Iran. Evaluating based on your benefits, not based on the merits.

I have already started hating coming to America because of this visa thing. I think we should look for another country, perhaps Canada. I’ll later write why I’m determined to leave Iran.