I went to Dizin yesterday. Dizin is one of the best and beautiful ski resorts of Iran. It’s not far from Tehran and so it’s easy for us to get there in 2 hours. The only problem with Dizin is that it’s so crowded. We sometimes have to wait for one hour to get to the ski lifts. But when you get on top and you see the beautiful snowy mountains under your feet, you forget about the crowd and ski all the way down with great joy. The Islamic dress code does not exist there! You can hardly find a girl wearing a scarf. Some wear a hat because of the cold weather, but many do not cover their hair. It feels great to let your hair be touched by the chilly breeze.

The ironic thing about yesterday was seeing the girls without cover near a radio that was airing a revolutionary song, and then the reporter inviting people to today’s marching to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Islamic revolution. Nobody was caring about the radio program. And I could even claim that nobody was caring about the whole 25th anniversary at all!

The whole city is decorated with color lights; all the TV and radio programs are about this anniversary and today’s marching. It’s obvious that it’s propaganda for the coming parliament election. They want to show that people are so interested in the Islamic revolution, and they want to encourage people to participate in the elections. But who cares? Well, there are a few people who care, maybe about 15% of people. The same 15 percent that probably have participated in today’s marching would vote. But the point is can we call a government elected and favored by 15% of the people a democratic government?