In the comment box of my previous post an interesting discussion took place. It was a bout the French government preventing Moslem women wearing Hijab. I
agree with Laura in this issue. In my idea, no government should force anybody to either wear Hijab or not. Practicing or not practicing a religion is a very individual issue and people should have freedom of choice in this regard. I’m
not talking about the nature of religion, whether it is good or bad. It is as unjust to force a women to wear scarf as to force another woman not to.

It seems wrong to me to mix something as personal as religion with political issues. Iran has suffered from this phenomenon for years, now the French government is practicing it in the other way around. In Iran religion has become an excuse to limit people’s freedom. Therefore, many people who are dissatisfied with this fact try to fight religion back. In fact they want to fight the limitations back. Each year scarves gets a little more backward, and more hair is shown, while for example in Egypt, as I have witnessedmyself, more women are now wearing scarves and cover their hair, while it is not obligatory to do so. I think people in Egypt are dissatisfied with their government as well, and that’s why they are trying to fight their secular government back with practicing Islam more.

Another point I wanted to mention while before in myearlier posts but I forgot to do so is that usually we should not judge the people of a country according to
their government. I have some posts criticizing Bush or nagging about the delay of my husband’s visa. But that does not mean I hate American people! I have met a lot of interesting American people in my life or in the internet. Not every American is like Bush! This is the same with Iranian people. I feel sad when I hear some people from other parts of the world think all Iranians are ignorant, terrorist, or fundamental Moslems. If our government is notorious for all this attributes, it doesn’t mean all Iranians are like this. We should not forget that as Socrates says, we are all citizens of the world.