One day, that I hope won’t be far, the archive of the Iranian TV programs about elections can become a bestseller comedy show! You can’t imagine how funny all the programs, especially the interviews with ordinary people are. Everybody says we have to participate in the elections to send a big fist to the
face of the enemies of Islam! Only God knows who these enemies are? The people that the TV shows are supposedly the majority of people. We have to believe that the majority of people are interested to participate, and they will. We have to believe in the existence of the enemies.

It’s not so difficult to figure out why such people come and talk in front of TV cameras. They are paid! A famous government-affiliated charity organization is
paying the poor people who vote! There will be buses full of people coming to Tehran from other cities to vote in Tehran and increase the number of votes. It
can be imagined what other tricks can be played to make more people vote. The more votes, the more eligibility for the government; more votes, upposedly
translate to more popularity for the regime! (This popularity game is killing me!)

Now all this sounds so bitter to the real majority of Iran. But one day we’ll laugh at all of them. I hope…