The elections are done. People participated in the elections more than it was expected. God knows if the statistics are right or not. But it doesn’t make any difference. (Of course only 20% of people have participated in Tehran and most of the elected people are chosen by less than 15% of people’s vote.) Everybody knew that the conservatives are going to win.

There are different assumptions about the future of our parliament. Some say the new parliament will give some social freedom to people and improve the economic status of our country, so that ordinary people will be satisfied and the complaints decrease. Some other say they are going to make life hard on people and therefore Iranian society will burst with protests, and some other say everything will become like six years ago –Iran before Khatami’s presidency.

The first thing I hope is that the coming parliament do something about the economic situation of people. Ordinary people are becoming poorer and poorer, social security sucks, and many people are living unstable lives. I hope they won’t be stupid to limit the social freedoms as well. If they do, people will start protests, and brutal conservatives will savagely suppress them. I don’t think that what happened in Georgia happens in Iran as well. Shevardnadze was clever enough to find out that his era is over and left the country for people. But conservatives of Iran will never accept that their era is over. They are ready to do anything to stay in power. The last thing Iran needs is another bloody revolution. I hope they have got the message of all the events of the last 6 years: people are yearning for change and reform.