I hate writing about politics, but I’m actually doing so all the time! In my Persian blog I usually write about my everyday life, and I enjoy doing that. So I’ll do my best to do the same here, and write about my personal life more, what I think a weblog should mainly be about.

I’m getting discouraged with my job. I was starting to like it. I like my Indian colleagues, because they are friendly and clever. But I have some problems with my Iranian colleagues that are actually my bosses. The Indian group is implementing Enterprise Resource Planning in one of the biggest car factories of Iran. Their project is to modify the organization and management of this factory, as well as computerizing its whole system. The Indian group is supposed to gather data from different departments, by interviewing the managers of each department. Based on the data they collect, they will come to an understanding of the whole system, and will later on work on the solution. Some Iranian parties do not cooperate with them, because they have this false assumption that these Indians are less capable than Iranian experts, and their solution will end up with great amount of unemployment.

I think all this negative assumptions are because of the factory’s weakness in management of change. People are not briefed about the fact that we don’t have any experts who have had an experience in this field. I hate to see people who form their assumptions based on racism or laziness or blind patriotism. I know there are many Iranians out of Iran who are quite capable of undertaking such projects. But they can’t work in Iran because of all the economical, political and managerial problems in here. So what can we do? Should we leave the things as they are, or should we change the ill system somehow?

The funny point is here the organization of this project by the Iranian party. The Iranian party is supposedly undertaking a managerial project, while you see no sense of management around. I couldn’t even find a computer to work with in the last few days! In one day I worked on one document in 5 different computers! Everything is out of order, and they don’t know well how to manage the Indian team.

I hate being in a useless situation, and sometimes because of the lacks of management I am in a useless situation. That’s why I feel discouraged. I like to be active, noisy, and at the same time hard-working rather than taking a nap on my chair in the sleepy and grey environment of this factory. Of course when I am in different shops (salons) of the factory –where they assemble the cars- I enjoy my time, but when I am in the office, I feel bored as hell. I think I have to take some flowers to the factory and put them on my desk. Perhaps the color and smell of the flowers will make the environment more bearable!