I laughed so much when I received this email. I’m putting it here to share the funny lines with you. It’s really a shame that some people don’t see beyond the tip of their nose in the Internet era. But it’s very good that some people can harmlessly empty themselves and relive themselves from their complexes in the internet!

“You are so silly. You obviously wish to appeal to the most simple minded for it is as it is in the aphorism, “water seeks its own level”.

You make me laugh. Your childish humor and incredibly childlike approach to complex issues seem cartoonish and laughable.

Why is it that your people there have for more than 7000 years done little more than ride around on the backs of camels murdering each other?

What is your favorite color? What color scarff do you most frequently wear to cover your hairs? How often do you bathe? When did you last shampoo your hairs? Is it true that you have a very hairy back? And, is it true that the hairs on your back are very long and thick at the small of your back?”