Here I am again, after months of not blogging. Actually this is my third start and I’m not surprised to see I have lost all my good readers. The point is I take my English weblog more seriously than my Persian weblog. In other words, I write more seriously here. So, whenever I see I don’t have enough time or concentration I stop writing here.

In my Persian weblog, my main aim is to express my inner feelings and cry out my individuality. So, there are lots of posts dedicated to my personal or even sometimes stupid feelings. Iranian women have been used to keep their feelings and thoughts behind the curtains for so long due to all the traditions and taboos of an Eastern and Moslem society. Therefore it is very important that Iranian women speak out their thoughts in their weblogs. As Alfred Hermida once titled in a BBC article “Web gives a voice to Iranian women”.

On the other hand, the English weblogs written by Iranians can have a totally different nature. Iranian English bloggers can contribute outstandingly to bridge the gap between differnet cultures, and to remove lots of misunderstandings about Persian community in general.

So here I am, once more, with a lot of energy to start writing again. The only difference is that I am now in US. I came here in May 2004 to accompany my husband who is a Ph.D student here. Lots of things has happened so far. I hope I will find enough time to write about all of them, and talk about my new perspectives living in a new country.