As you might have heard before, almost all of internet service providers have filtered Orkut, Blogger, Persianblog and numerous other websites in Iran. The funny point is that these filterings are not taken place due to the order of the committee which is appointed for such matters. Some ISPs have claimed that Mortazavi, the criminal prosecutor of Tehran, has ordered them to filter these websites, while he is not the related authority.

Meanwhile, Abtahi, Khatami’s former vice-president, has disclosed in his weblog that Sahroodi, the Judiciary Chief of IRI, was not aware of the recent imprisonment of Internet activists, journalists and NGO activists. Some of these activists met the Judiciary Chief a few days ago and disclosed all the tortures and illegal procedures that had occurred related to their case.

Some Iranian bloggers also published a letter in their weblogs to Mortazavi, warning him about the safety of their fellow friends and internet activists.

Sharoodi is said to have taken the case away from Mortazavi, following all that has happened so far.

You can follow all the news regarding the recent filterings and arrests in Stop Censoring Us, a website dedicated to cover these news in English, launched by Hoder while ago. (I help him with the translations sometimes. So most of the poor translations are my fault!)