Sorry, I didn’t mean to disappear again. I’m applying for the fall semester to get into graduate school. I should take GRE by the end of January and I am studying hard for it. It is the most horrible exam I have ever had to take. I really don’t know what the intention of the test administrators is by putting all those AJAGH VAJAGH words in the verbal section! Is it really easy for Americans?

I will soon be back with lots of news. There are also two unfinished articles saved in MS Word that I will try to finish and put them here after I am done with the GRE and application processes.

p.s. I did enjoy watching the protests in Bush’s inauguration ceremony through C-Span. It was amazing for me! I imagined what would happen if Iranians who were against Iran-Iraq war would go to the streets of Tehran and protest. They would all be tortured to death or executed! Protesting against IRI leader? No way!!! It seems democracy still exists in the land of Uncle Sam!