Poooof! I just deleted 8000 spam comments and 2500 spam trackbacks! Thanks to Movable Type 3.2 it was much easier to delete all this junk. Spam is the worst thing that ever happened to the Internet. You should not leave even one hole open or it will be attacked soon! (What a sentence, needs Freudian interpretation!)

Now I should seduce someone to change the design! I’m really tired of this blogger design. I have to find my blogrolling password too. Lots of the blogs in my blogroll do not get updated any more and there are lots of new blogs I should add, specially my friends’ blogs.

By the way, can you believe that Lady Sun is still filtered in Iran? I have written about 62 posts in this blog during 4 years (you can say 15 posts per year as an average.) How can 15 posts per year in a blog be that problematic for a government to filter it?! I never found out why they filtered it, but fortunately they haven’t filtered my Persian blog. So, I didn’t transfer Lady Sun to my Persian blog’s space, and kept the two blogs separate. It’s OK now since I’m not paying for any of them. But if they tell me to transfer Lady Sun, I’ll probably move back to Blogger!