Well, this time I’m not going to tell anybody I’ve started blogging again! I think this is the fifth time I’m doing this. I’m afraid nobody would believe that I’ll keep on writing again. So, I’ll write here without an audience to see if I’m really going to write regularly!

Just for the record (!) I should say that I wanted to start writing again since last year. I lost my contact with the company that was hosting ladysun.net and I didn’t have access to my files. My blog was down because of a high bandwidth load due to 8000 spam comments and trackbacks . I couldn’t get a hold of the hosting company to ask them to open my blog for a short time so that I would delete all the spams. So, my poor blog was literally buried in spams. I did such a big mistake not to close comment and trackback sections of my posts.

Anyway, I could finally get a hold of someone last month and I could transfer my blog to another server. I deleted 7300 spam comments. But just today, when I changed the dns of my domain, all 7300 spams came back! Poor me. Now I should first delete all those spams and then come back and see if I can start writing like a real blogger* again!!

*Real blogger: A blogger who updates her blog everyday, is linked to in many other blogs, gives interesting links, refreshes her blog at least 10 times a day to check new comments and her blogrol, is addicted to blogging, forgets about even eating but not blogging, prefers only sex but nothing else to blogging, will check her blog before doing anything else when she wakes up (yes, even before lighting her cigarette or washing her teeth), etc.