I finally found out why this blog has been filtered in Iran. On the description of this blog on the top I had written “My naked observations from this crazy world of words and worries and wishes.” I just heard from one of my friends that one of the ways blogs get blocked in Iran is through software or robots that identify websites who have used special sexual words. I guess the word “naked” on the top of this blog was the reason my blog has been filtered, as mentioned by one of my readers. So, I removed this word today, and I’ll wait to see if the filter will be removed.

They have also blocked sites that include the word “women” in Iran (the word “women” in Englis). You can’t even search the word “women” through Google in Iran if you use the ISPs who have implemented this kind of filtering. Recently there have been some online campaigns against censoring websites for having the word “women.” But the campaigns have had no results so far. This has caused some problems for people who want to do research about women’s issues. It is a bitter irony that the word “women” is censored in Iran. It reminds me of many women who are censored in Iran. But the censorship is only partial, because women in Iran are active agents who do not get paralyzed by censorship or patriarchal rules. They struggle, they manipulate the situation, and they progress despite all the hardships and oppressions.