BBC’s article “Iran fears drive oil to new high” reports:
“Brent North Sea crude oil for delivery in June ended at $71.46 per barrel on Monday, rising for the ninth consecutive day. Markets are anxious about the idea that the US could launch military strikes against Iranian nuclear sites.”

So, gas price continues rising in US and elsewhere now (in the summer that demands for gas are high), while oil companies should pay the higher price in the future and not now. Who will benefit here?!

I still doubt US will attack Iran, partly because oil’s price will rise above $100 per barrel which I don’t think will be beneficial for the oil companies anymore. But the war rhetoric and the fear it spreads now (which Hersh’s article worked successfully in this regard) definitely benefits oil companies. And no need to say what oil companies have to do with US administration!

*I will write about the other reasons I think US will not attack Iran soon.