Now this is what you get in return, if you are against war and violence against your country. I seriously deny anything this blogger has posted about me. I’m totally sure the “reliable” source that has given this wrong information is a frustrated Iranian living outside Iran who hopes Iran will reach democracy through a bloody war. If there will be a war, there will also be a bitter civil war inside Iran, not to mention thousands of innocent lives that will be taken. If there will be a war, I don’t think any of our generation will see democracy in our lives ever. If there will be a war, people like this “reliable” Iranian source will be the main roots of a deadly civil war in Iran. But I’m pretty much sure that if there will be a war, this “reliable” source will not be inside Iran to bear the consequences of the disasters that will accompany the war. Innocent poor people of Iran should bear the consequences instead.

I hope “Dr.” Judith Apter Klinghoffer will remove this post from her blog and apologize all of us. I wish I could sue her for the ruthless accusations she has put in her blog. Just take a look at my archive to see how wrong her “reliable” sources are.

Fortunately she removed our names from her blog after we contacted their editor and informed them that if they don’t remove our names we will seek legal ways. Here’s part of what she has written after removing our names:
“…I understand my friends speculation has upset the persons mentioned. If so, I am sorry. Moreover, since they contested the accuracy of her speculation, I removed it from the posting.”