I feel much better now after that those outrageous allegations had been removed from Judith Apter Klinghoffer’s blog, although her semi-apology was not acceptable to me and my other friends, specially because of the last story she has added to that post. I’m not going to waste my time on this issue anymore for the time being, since I should work on my final papers. However, I reserve the right to follow this issue legally, since what she did to me has harmed me morally and had negative effect on my schoolwork and on my emotional status in this critical time that I should submit two papers in less than four days.

I still wonder how a member of academia can act so unprofessionally. Her reaction (or let’s say no reaction!) to all those harassing comments are also very questionable. This is even against their own published policies about the comments they receive in the site.

Meanwhile, I should admit the support of my friends in Persian blogsphere was amazing and I feel so humbled by their support. I’m so happy that many bloggers, despite their disagreements with me on many issues, still protested to her unfair and unprofessional action. I’m so happy that people have not forgotten who I am, what I have done, and what my political stands are.

Thanks my dear friends. Dametoon garm, kheyli bahalalin! :)

*PS. Reading this post by Khodadad is a must for anybody in my idea!