This is one of the reasons I’m against the current ways of US financial help to Iran for democracy! This article has been used as the basis of a series of attacks by one of Iranian reformists against another one, accusing him of having the intention to open a radio in US and spent the $$ he has received from US administration to hire Iranian students and thus endanger their lives. While I have no intention of taking any stand in this heated debate since I don’t think there are enough evidence on this issue, I just feel sorry that such careless announcements by US administration about giving money to Iranian oppositions caused such debates among Iranian reformists. Many Iranian reformists are now accusing each other for either betraying Iran by going to Bush’s camp, or for being the agents of Islamic Republic of Iran. While the main threat for our homeland is now Ahmadi Nejad’s nuclear policies and the war rhetoric of Bush administration, Iranian reformists are attacking each other. Hardliner newspapers in Iran are the only beneficiaries of these debates. They are watching these debates and attacks cheerfully and quote the allegations to attack reformists. This is the last thing we need in such a critical time.