Another arrest… Ramin Jahanbegloo’s arrest reminds me of Sina Motallebi’s arrest, except for the fact that Sina was a friend and I don’t know Jahanbegloo very well. But the way they are intimidating jahanbegloo’s family not to publicize his arrest reminds me exactly of Sina’s case. I couldn’t write about Sina in my Persian blog on that time, since I was worried if they find out Sina was a friend of mine it would cause him more problems! Not that I’m anyone special, but I just knew how they make up things. When I met Sina in Holland two years ago, he told me that my phone number on a piece of paper was in his pocket at the time of his arrest and he chewed that so that they won’t find it! And at those times that we, bloggers who knew Sina, were trying to do something for him, signing petitions, contacting international news agencies, crying (!), etc., a group of bloggers called me and pretended they are a friend of Sina and asked me to close my blog and remove my archive since the interrogators have asked Sina about my blog! Right before Sina’s arrest he recommended to me that I remove my archive from the Web for a while and wait to see when the pressures on bloggers were going to diminish. So, when those bloggers called, I believed them! And I closed my blog and removed everything from the web for a while, shaking and worrying whether something might happen to me! It took me a year to find out that phone call was fake, and find out who made that phone call. It took me a year to find out how cruel people can be and how they can easily play with your mind!

Anyway, these days something has happened that made me close my Persian blog again. I wish I could do something for Jahanbegloo in my Persian blog – which had much more readers that this blog – but it’s closed, same as the time Sina was in jail. Just a coincidence I guess!


Those bloggers who knew jahanbegloo are writing about what a great intellectual he was, how important his role was in gathering young Iranians in Toronto and Tehran to read and discuss philosophy and other humanity subjects. I just know a little bit about his works on nonviolence theory (which is one of my favorite theories). I hope people start talking about Jahanbegloo more, no matter what they think about him. He is just an intellectual who thinks, and talks, and tries to teach. He has never acted in a way to endanger Iran’s homeland security or whatever. His field is “thinking” and “teaching” and “thinking more.” He should not be in prison because of thinking and talking. His family does not talk much about him because they have been told that silence would help Jahanbegloo’s release. But everybody knows now that how absurd this is. Hadn’t we, blogs and media, publicized and protested Sina’s arrest, he could have stayed much longer in jail; and Sina’s family had been told to keep quiet as well. We know that, so we should not keep quiet, even if his family keeps quiet.

I’ve heard that AP and AFP have not published news about him because of his family’s wish to keep quiet. But that’s the worst thing for now. Please, please, ask international news agencies to write about him if you know any. Silence is the worst thing for him now. Nobody should be in jail for thinking and talking. He is accused of being a spy; he’s arrested by the worst intelligence group of IRI. We should not keep quiet.