Hoorah! This semester is finally over. I just emailed my last paper to my professor. It’s now about 30 hours that I haven’t slept. It was the most frustrating final term of my whole life. First, all those ruthless allegations by that American blogger followed by an Iranian blogger whom I assumed was a “friend;” and then the recent problem that happened to me and my friends which was even worse than the first one. I still don’t believe that I made it. Next semester at the time of exams I will disconnect myself from the whole world! I’m so tired that I think I won’t recover for days. All my bones and muscles ache. My throat is hurting because I have resisted crying and I have been smoking a pack a day (to be honest sometimes more than a pack.) I seriously want to quit smoking. If the condition I was in, in the last two weeks, would continue, I’m sure I would get seriously sick. I want to quit smoking, cook the whole week, clean our house which is literally a sh*t hole now (!), swim, sunbathe, and go out! I’m tired of this futon and laptop I’ve been sticking to for two weeks. But at the same time I should work my a*s off to meet the deadlines of the project I’m working with my friends in Iran. I think more than anything our project – which is an online network for Iranian women in provinces of Iran – was negatively affected by all these stupid stuff. Wow, what horrible two weeks I passed! I don’t know when I’m going to recover.

*Update: I got straight A’s! :D I was expecting A for two of my classes, but not the one that I put its paper here yesterday. I wrote it just in three days (well, we can say five days because I didn’t sleep for two nights!) and I even didn’t have time to proofread it. But it seems its professor liked my paper. It was a good ending for all the drama!