Now that’s what I call absurd: someone who could somehow (I don’t know how) get a hold of Iranians for Peace password, deleted all the posts of that blog, changed its password, and put a picture of George Bush on it. Under the picture was also a quote by Bush saying: “As Iran’s people move towards a future defined by greater freedom, greater tolerance, they will have no better friend than the United States of America.”

I don’t think putting that picture and sentence was a big deal. But I just don’t get it why! And why deleting all those posts written by many people all around the world against war on Iran? I’m seriously thinking that people have lost their minds these days! They do things that make absolutely no sense! If somebody wants to promote Bush and his ideologies, that person can easily open a blog in blogger in 5 seconds! And Iranians for Peace does not have so many readers anyway. Why should it be so important for someone to waste his/her time, find the password of that blog (perhaps through hacking softwares), and delete all those posts, while that blog hardly had 20 visitors per day?!!

Anyway I could retrieve the blog and some of its posts back. But most of the posts are gone. I’m just left with the question “why” about so many things these days!