Summer semester turned out to be even more difficult than the previous semesters. I’m doing very badly in the two undergrad courses I’ve taken this semester. My grades in reporting class have been “E” so far (well, practically they’re F!). I don’t understand shit about statistics. Our statistics teacher is really bad and I was thinking that our math teachers at high school in Tehran were even better! It seems the chain of “A” grades is finally broken. Well, good for me not to become too proud of my “A” grades.

I don’t have much time for blogging. Our project should be launched in a month and I’m a bit behind the schedules. I wrote a long piece about Mana Neyestani, the Iranian cartoonist who is in jail, but I didn’t put it here because the post needed careful revision due to the sensitive nature of the incident and I didn’t find a time to revise it. I just hope Mana and his editor will be released soon. It’s insane that they detain the cartoonists and journalists while the editor-in-chief of a paper should be hold accountable for what gets published in that paper. (And honestly I don’t believe there was anything wrong with that cartoon and the text accompanying it anyway to hold anybody accountable, while I do believe that it was a bad article; not suitable for children.)

I have too much to talk about, but I should go back to my work now (writing a report on a hot rod tour!). Sorry if you come here and see nothing new. Hopefully next week I’ll find some time to write more.

Meanwhile, if you want to get an Iranian blogger’s perspective on the current events in Iran, check out Arash’s blog. I’m amazed by his accurate, concise, and timely coverage of the current events in Iran. Good job Arash!