Iranian Women's Demonstration - June12, 2006

Last year on June 12 Iranian women activists had a demonstration in Tehran protesting the discrimination against women in the Iranian constitution. It was organized by several women groups from Tehran and other cities and turned out to be a turning point in Iranian women’s movement.

You can read the declaration signed by people who attended that gathering here:

Here are some pictures of that gathering:

This year women are gathering again on the anniversary of June12 and they are looking for the support of International women’s organizations, media, activists, and academics:,06,07,12,33,14/

Things look worse now under the new government .The past 8 March demonstration was very violent and women were brutally attacked. You can read about it here:

The recent student protests have ended in the disappearance of some students… My friends need the international support for feeling safer. They are announcing the demonstration now in order to avoid giving much time to the police and security to crack down on people before the action. We are asking the support signatures of feminist organizations and individuals around the world. (In case of individuals, well known activists and academics.)

Could you kindly ask the women’s organizations you know to sign our petition?

You can sign the petition here:,06,07,12,33,14/

Or, you can simply send an email to me or (Herland is the e-zine of a feminist grassroots in Iran that is organizing the event.)

Any coverage in the media would be also valuable.

Thank you so much!