Nice opening game with 6 goals! And Germany’s last goal was a blast! Seems like an exciting World Cup. More importantly, I’m happy that I can finally watch some football* games in US! We have basic cable and I can rarely watch good football matches on TV here (sometimes a Spanish channel shows football, but it’s hard to follow up). Fortunately, basic cable channels show all the world cup matches (ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC).

I have uploaded the World Cup schedule, including TV channels that show it in US, here.

* I never get used to the word “soccer” for what I’ve always called football! In Iran people call the game called football in US as “American Football,” so, I’ll use the same words I’m used to.

P.S. I just found out that Fernando Morientes, the handsome Spanish player, is not in this world cup. What a pity! Last world cup was such a pleasure to watch due to all its handsome players. I hope this year there will be more of them! After all football is about visual pleasure!!