I think I owe an explanation to all the kind people who asked why I haven’t been updating my blog in the last two months. My Persian blog was closed for a while and because of that I got a lot of emails. When I reopened my Persian blog, I spent a while replying those emails, as well as spending time on writing there frequently to get my audience back. It’s really difficult to keep both blogs at the same time.

The other reason was that I really hate the current interface of my English blog. A dear friend of mine promised to redesign it for me, but he was busy for a while. After that, I had a horrible car accident. The car was totaled and one of my ribs fractured. I was in a sort of shock. So, I really didn’t feel like writing. In the middle of this, my dear friend sent me a design for my blog, but I was so messed up that I totally neglected it.

When Shargh was closed, one of my friends asked why it happened and I wanted to write to her about it. Then I thought I can post something about it here in case others have the same question.

By the way, the friend who asked me about Shargh is my new friend at the college and she found me through my blog! (Yes, I should say again that “God bless the Internet!”*) I’m so happy that I met her because she’s a very interesting person and it feels so good to have a friend like her on a huge campus that everybody is on her own.

My husband has left for an internship in DC and it’s kind of weird for me to live alone for the first time in my life. I know that’s an experience that almost every kid has in US at the time of college. But that’s a rare case for young people in Iran, especially girls, to leave their parents before they are married. That’s why I’ve never lived alone in my 28 years of life.

It’s weird but at the same time interesting. I think it will make me more responsible and aware of my life, because now there is nobody else to pay attention to all the details. If I forget something, there’s nobody to remind me of that. If I don’t clean, there’s nobody else to do it. So, I should remember everything and be very careful not to get my life messed up.

Schoolwork is really heavy this semester (well every semester I say that!), so I might not update very often (don’t hesitate to say “like anybody cares?!!”), but I’ll try my best to write about stuff that are related to Iran.

Thanks for visiting my blog although I disappear every now and then!