Does it really matter when the genocide in Darfur will go on no matter what you and I do? Raising awareness? You think the big brothers are not aware of the situation? Hell they are. How many more letters should be signed? They are dying every day, every minute, while we are signing the letters and feel good about our philanthropy. Yes, today is the global day for Darfur, global day for us fooling ourselves and for them laughing at us and thinking how they can benefit more from the oil money. And yes, George Clooney, the sexiest man alive, is even sexier in his Armani suit when he talks about the first genocide of the 21st century. Thanks dear George, at least you went there to document what is going on there. But those who should be aware of the situation already know. The problem is oil and uranium are sexier for them.

P.S. It seems the accuracy of Global Research article is under question. But its point about uranium and oil is not far-fetched in my opinion. Check out the comments.