Dear God (or to whom it may concern),

Would you please stop Ahmadi Nejad from talking in UN again? It’s really painful to see his face on several US TV channels. We see enough of Bush here every day. No need to see another moron.

Dear classmates,

Would you please stop asking me what I think about Ahmadi Nejad talking in the UN the same day Bush did? I know it is ironic. Hell, I say it is black comedy. What do you think I think? Two stupid hardliner conservatives who have made the world a worse place… What do you really think I think? Daaaaaa…

Dear American Bush lovers,

Please don’t expect me not to call Bush a moron or any names. Yes I’m living in the US and yes I’m not an American citizen. But I’m still a human being who hasn’t lost her conscience. I have the right to express my feelings in my corner of the World Wide Web. And please stop imagining that Bush equals America. Fortunately such an equation does not exist yet. I promise y’ll if Bush and his administration become an equation for America, I won’t stay here for a second. You shouldn’t either!

p.s.1. Damn it! I’m in the computer lab for my electronic publishing class. The lab is surrounded by big TV screens, and guess what the two screens in front of me are showing? One is showing Bush, with the caption saying Iran, axis of evil, blah, blah, and the other one is showing Ahmadinejad. Save meeeeee!

p.s.2. Iranian Shadow shares the same feeling!