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I’m angry! Ahmadinejad talked again. He said he does not approve two-child policy. He said Iran has the capacity of a 120 million population. He said these westerns have negative population growth and are just afraid of Iran’s growth in population. And more stupidly, he said that women should work part-time, bring children instead, and get paid for any extra child they reproduce! He said women should be in workforce, but their main job is to reproduce and protect the family structure.

I have no idea why he doesn’t shut up when he doesn’t have anything sane to say. This guy is seriously insane. I’m so angry that I can’t articulate myself very well in English to say why his statements are horrible and wrong. In my Persian blog I complained about people who said Ahmadinejad and the reformists are the same. I’m angry at those people who boycotted the election arguing that they are all the same. Well, they must be blind not to see the difference now! Iran has never ever had such an insane president in its history. It’s like a sad joke, but it’s even sadder that it’s not a joke. Where are we going with this insanity? Where is my beloved homeland going?

And the irony is that this is the body of women that should always be negotiated in Iranian policy. Once they boycotted veil in Iran, then they made it mandatory. Once Khomeini asked for a baby boom to create a 20-million-member army. Then they realized the baby boom is screwing up our economy, so they started birth control policies (which was one of the fewest successful policies of the government after the revolution.) Now this moron is asking for a baby boom again. Please, let the women decide about their own bodies.

I’m just imagining that the young and inexperienced secretary of health stops the birth control policies, and bans free distribution of condoms and birth control pills in health centers of underprivileged areas in Iran. We are already a very young population. 70% of our population is under 30. Unemployment, lack of educational and cultural facilities, inflation, and so many other problems are pressuring the youth in Iran. How on earth can anybody talk about a baby boom again? Somebody please tell this “Mr. President” to shut up.

*Iranian leader calls for a baby boom to help defeat west – The Guardian
**Ahmadinejad: Let the Population Grow – Arash the Archer

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