I always thought people from military must be evil. But I met this guy who’s an engineer working for the US military, and he was such a nice guy. I even found him a bit hot! I’m full of contradictions right now. I know, I know, I should not think black and white. I don’t actually. It was just strange that I didn’t find anything evil about him. whatever!

p.s. I haven’t generalized about men. I have unconsciously generalized about people in the US military, and for obvious reasons. Those who have become angry with me and are harassing me, would better put the blame on those who are the cause of the death of thousands of innocent Iraqi people and other nationalities, instead of me.  You can’t force me to love the US military in the present situation, unless the situation change. Also, I had a point in what I said. I was in a way confessing about my mistake in generalization and saying that when you encounter a person face to face, the person would be humanized and your generalization might change! So, what’s your problem?!!