I’ll be driving back to Florida Wednesday Thursday. I was in DC (well, actually in Maryland) for an unpaid summer internship in a transnational woman’s organization that works with several African and Middle-Eastern women’s NGOs. It was a great experience. I learned a lot about networking, advocacy, and participatory leadership. I should write about my observations in Persian. Women’s movements in Muslim countries should share their experiences with each other and learn from each other much more. We face a lot of similar challenges because of Sharia.

I might not be able to update here very often until I get back to Florida and do some paperwork for my employment (research assistant at the journalism school) next semester. I need to see a lot of my friends and say goodbye to them before I leave DC. I want to eat Kebab as much as I can, because there’s no Kebab restaurant in my town down in Florida. I need to buy a lot of goods from a Persian grocery store in Rockville as well. Gosh, I feel much more close to home when I’m in DC! So many Iranians and so much Persian food/grocery (I think I’ve had Kebab in different branches of Moby Dick more than 15 times this summer!) Even the bad design of the streets, traffic, and people’s driving reminds me of Tehran! We have a street in Tehran named Mirdamad (where my grad school was), which crosses Mohseni Square. Connecticut Avenue and Dupont circle remind me so much of Mirdamad and Mohseni (except that a bridge passes over Mirdamad.) The first time I got there, I had a strange feeling, as if I’m going out with my friends after a school day in Tehran! (I know, I know, this nostalgia is such a stupid thing! LOL)

But apart from the Iranian people (who are not all of them my type of people necessarily) and Iranian food, I like the diversity of the town, its cultural events, its “day” life and its metro! This might apply to many big cities in the US, but I’ve spent time in this city more than any other big city in the US, so, so far this one is my most favorite. I like that I can move around by public transportation, meet a lot of people from various nationalities, even communicate with more Americans here comparing to Florida (don’t know why really!), participate in a lot of events, and do actual work.

I like Boston, San Francisco, and Berkley also. But I think the type of work I like to do (women’s/human rights nonprofits, preferably international ones), are mostly in DC. But first I should finish grad school, writing two thesis by the end of May 2008 (eeee), and then look for a job.

Right now, I just want to go home (my second home I mean, the one in Florida!) I miss my little apartment actually! (you see, I have nostalgia as a disease! doesn’t matter if I’m in the US or Iran. I’m sure if I go to Iran, I’ll then miss a lot of things about US, specially its nature, theaters, and gas stations!)