This is a quick and unprofessional translation of what Said Mortazavi, Tehran’s Chief Prosecutor (who is responsible for many arrests, tortures, and deaths of political and women’s activists in Tehran, including the death of Zahra Kazemi and Akbar Mohammadi) has told the families of three imprisoned Amir Kabir University students, who have been tortured in Evin Prison according to their families. These students have been arrested based on accusations that they have published an insulting student paper. The students have denied the accusations. The original news in Persian was published today in the website of Amir Kabir News, a reliable new website published by Amir Kabir University students.


3 imprisoned Amir Kabir students

Mortazavi to the imprisoned students’ families: We haven’t tortured them yet to make you understand what torture means!

Said Mortazavu, Tehran’s Chief Prosecutor, called the families of Ehsan Mansouri, Ahmad Ghasaban, and Majid Tavakolli, the three imprisoned Amir Kabir University students, and invited them to his office Sunday morning.

After the families attended his office, he told them angrily and authoritatively: “We warned you several times not to speak anywhere, not to interview, not to distribute the news about inside ward 209 of Evin prison, and not to meet anyone, but you didn’t listen and did your own work. Now I have transferred your children to solitary confinement again, and unless you change your approach, you won’t be able to visit them or talk to them on the phone.”

According to Amir Kabir News, Mortazavi, in response to the students’ families protest that their children were innocent and had been forced to confess under torture said: “Who said they’ve been tortured? I should determine if they have been tortured or not, and I say they haven’t. We haven’t tortured them yet to make you understand what torture means! They haven’t confessed under pressure either. The insulting publication was prepared by these three students, and unless they write their repentance letter, there won’t be any release.”

Mortazavi, in response to the families who asked “So what about the judiciary chief’s order [to release them]?” said: “The judiciary chief’s order is my business not yours. From now on you are not allowed to meet anyone, no political authority or an official. You can only change your approach so that I let you meet or call your children. Your children should write repentance letter to get released, that’s it!”

Following these statements by Mortazavi, the families of the tortured Amir Kabir students who went to Mortazavi’s office hoping to hear the news of their children’s freedom, left the prosecutor’s office with weeping eyes. It seems Ahmad Ghassaban, Majid Tavakkoli, and Ehsan Mansouri, the three tortured students, are falling victim of internal fights between the two moderate and hardliners factions inside Iran’s Judiciary system.


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