What’s going on in Gaza is outrageous. Yes, it’s as outrageous when they torture or stone somebody in Iran, and I don’t need to be reminded that a lot of human rights violation happen in my own country, many of which I have written about. But I was wondering where all these concerned governments and human rights organizations, that cover every single human rights violation in third world countries, are now? Are they going to for example ask for sanctions against Israel?! I mean, come on, this is 21st century for whatever-you-believe-in’s sake. How can we justify this blockade when there are 1 million and a half people living in Gaza strip, some of which do not definitely support attacks on Israel, just for the simple fact that they are children! How anyone can justify punishing children? How can the world watch and stand this collective punishment? How will Gaza’s children grow? Will they grow with the love for Israel and peace? I doubt it…

I wish bloggers from all around the world would write something in solidarity with innocent people in Gaza who are suffering from the blockade. Human rights should be valued everywhere on this planet, not on selective parts of the world.

*Update: They are easing the blockade, but they promise they will do it again if the attacks continue.

P.S. Persian blogs will post something on January 30th in solidarity with imprisoned Iranian students (the organizing solidarity blog in Persian). Perhaps English, Arab, and Israeli blogs should make the same move for Gaza people.

P.S. 2. Great news thanks to my occupier electricity is back! (Mona El-Farra – From Gaza, with Love)