I’m experiencing new things in my life; like getting sick and being totally on my own, making a soup for myself while my whole body aches, not having anybody to spoil me and take care of me. when i was a child, the best part about catching a cold was the attention my mom would pay to me. i loved it when i would get sick and my mom would take care of me so kindly that i wished i would stay sick a little more. (and it always came with a delicious chicken soup.) i missed her so much today. i just closed my eyes and imagined her holding me in her arms. i missed putting my head on her chest and being caressed by her.

p.s. to make it even better, i asked my roommate to put the soup in the fridge after it gets cooler. (i was too sore that i wanted to go to bed, the soup was too hot and he was hanging around in the kitchen.) i came out of my room this noon and saw the soup still lying there on the kitchen counter. it had milk in it so i threw it out. will eat a canned soup today!