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The person in the photo is missing
He left home and is not back
His mother crying day and night

The person in the photo
His eyes big
His hands fisted, always
The person in the photo, with his blood
Screams on the asphalt
His chest the garden of stranger Tulips

The person in the photo
Passed away in the dreams avenue
I’ll go to his mother today
To say
The person in the photo is me

*By Omran Salahi


Sohrab Arabi was missing since June 15 protests. His family identified his body on July 12 after searching all the hospitals, looking for him at prisions, and seeing photos of many who have been killed at the riots. He was shot in the heart. He was 19.

Read more about Sohrab’s death here.

Watch a video of Sohrab’s mom looking for her son at Evin prison here. (She’s the woman in purple scarf.)

See some photos and a video of his mom mourning at his funeral here. (Disturbing)

More photos and videos of his funeral here.

He was the nephew of my colleague at a radio station I used to work for. It’s hitting closer and closer to heart…


*The lousy translation is by me. Copies of the original poem in Farsi, written by the late Iranian poet Omran Salahi few years ago, was xeroxed along with Sohrab’s photo and carried by the mourners in his funeral today. Many have also posted the photo and the poem in their blogs.