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English section of women in Iran wants to prepare a list of Iranian female bloggers who write in English to add the list to the website (something like what we have in the Persian section of the site). I would appreciate if you let me know about the URL of these ladies’ weblogs. You can email me or simply put the URLs in my comment box.

Also, we need volunteer Persian-to-English translators to translate about one page every month for the site. In case you are interested, just drop me an email.

Thx in advance ;)

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God! I have feelings rarely had before. I feel I’m somebody else. He has an important exam today. I’m nervous as hell, as if I have the exam myself. Sometimes I’m afraid to accept that I have such feelings. Sometimes it’s easier to deny what you feel. I’m a little bit scared. Feeling this much close to somebody scares me. I have always used to set up a wall, an invisible wall, between me and the men around me. I remember I removed this wall only once, and it hurt as hell. The scars of that wound are still there on my soul. What if this is also another tragedy of breaking down the walls?

And then the whole issue is scaring me. I had never imagined it’s gonna happen so soon. I always thought it will happen in my thirties. He says I’m very capable to start it. I feel capable too, but I don’t know if I’m ready. Living for the rest of your life with someone else, sleeping in the same bed with him, sharing your days and nights, happiness and sorrow

I sometime like to escape from everything, I like that world inside me. I usually don’t let people enter this world. I feel happy with myself. Sometimes I leave everything alone and escape into that inner world. What if one day I feel like escaping again? He’s such a lovely human being I will never ever wish to hurt. Will he stand me escaping, getting lost in the middle of nowhere? Will he stand my crazy moments of feeling lost? Will he stand my unreasonable ups and downs?

I feel nervous for his exam. It’s such a strange feeling I have never experienced before. What is happening to me?!

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I have written a lot these days, but haven’t posted them. My friends advise me not to post whatever I write. Sorry if my notes seem like the diaries of a senseless potato, . . .

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Here’s another weblog writing about the recent events, giving link to different websites and articles in both Persian and English.

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On June 16th, 2003 CNN has published an article in its TECH
section titled:

Prostitute diary tops Iran Web hit

This article was published based on the report by Firouz Sedarat, Reuters
news agency reporter in Tehran titled:

Iran Internet Use at Risk from Conservatives

This clear fabrication, and manipulation of news headlines can lead to
disastrous results for Iranian Internet users. Such provocative headlines
are the best excuse for tougher regulations on the Internet freedom of
speech, which is currently being discussed in the Iranian parliament and
judiciary. Ironically this comes at a time when personal websites, and
weblogs have become the most valid news source from the Iranian nations
continuing struggle towards democracy.

Iranian Internet users have organized a protest, in the form of an online
petition, against this form of biased reporting from CNN. I urge you to
read and consider signing this petition to protect freedom of speech in
the time when it is most needed for the Iranian nation.

This petition is located at:

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Human Rights Watch executive director’s letter to Khamenei, the leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, about the recent events

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It seems the riots are somehow continuing, this time with a different nature. It’s not the peaceful protest of university students anymore. Everyday we hear from a different corner of the city that people, specially the youth, have been out protesting. Of course, wherever the people are, the members of pressure groups are there as well.

If you go near universities and dormitories in the evening, you’ll see plenty of police vehicles guarding the area. The Iranian opposition satellite programs cannot be received due to the strong interference noises produced by microwave rays sent from nobody knows where. (There are rumors about the harmful effects of these waves on human reproductive functions.)

. . .

I don’t know who is paying and supporting these pressure groups. If the pressure groups go on with their crimes, people will not tolerate them, and the protests will become more serious. Then a bloody revolution may start. It seems strange if all this has been planned by the hardliners. They will dig their own graves by doing so. I don’t think they’re that stupid. Some strongly believe the pressure groups are supported by US rightists, some say by the monarchists. I don’t care who is supporting them. I just want all this massacre to end. I want my childhood play-mate neighbors back home. I want the injuries heeled. I want this disgraced generation of students gain their respect and peace back. It’s not only me who wants this, all the Iranians want it. Those who are killing and committing murders and violence, all those heartless members of pressure groups, all those authorities that are supporting them are not considered as Iranian. They don’t have the right to be called Iranian. They are the residents of hell; a hell made of their brutality and ignorance.

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Women in Iran (English Monthly Edition) is updated!

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I was surprised by my last post’s feedback. The most interesting point for me was the fact that my post was not political at all, but it has been interpreted as a political post mostly.

I was angry and sad when I wrote that part, mostly because of seeing the pictures of that boy who was beaten in his dorm while sleeping, and I have to confess that I was more emotional rather than logical while writing that.

Loving or hating Bush or any other foreign politician doesn’t do me or my nation any good. I have no right to judge Bush’s administration unless it is related to my country; and unfortunately it is related somehow. Bush is claiming to set the global order in the world while I have heard from many people, including both my Iranian friends living in US or American friends, and I have read in the press, that Bush has cheated in the elections. That’s none of my business if he has cheated or not. This matter should be taken care of by the American nation. But I don’t want a dishonest person who is quite notorious in his discourse to decide what is right and what is wrong for my country and for the rest of the world. I do want people to support the students in Iran, but I see no point but disturbance in Bush supporting the students. When he supports them, bells start ringing in the minds of the hardliners here that most probably the riots are getting nourished by Bush and his gang. The forgotten point here is that students didn’t start rioting. Everything started from their peaceful marching to protest against the privatization of universities. Suddenly the members of the pressure groups attacked them out of nowhere hitting the students. Everything started when the innocent students were unfairly beaten by the members of the pressure group who seems to be immune by a secret power.

When they start hitting you, massacring you, and disrespecting you, you will become defensive. That’s exactly what happened to the students. But when the defense started it turned out into a riot.

I strongly object anyone who claims that students had plans from before to oppose the government, and I don’t see any point in some of the foreign media’s interpretation of the case as a revolution to oust the government. But when Bush becomes so excited in defending the students, the truth hides behind the attractive interpretations and everyone thinks that students have started a revolution against the regime.

I don’t see any point in revolutionary riots. I believe we have to go gradually with the reform, start changes from the basic structures of the society, and we should start it from ourselves. I see no alternative for the present regime for the time being; any government is going to be the same for our country unless we change. Unless we change ourselves, nothing will change. History has proven to us that, at least in our country, democracy is unreachable by the help of a foreign power. If we want change, reform, or whatever, we have to gain it ourselves, and we should not beg it from a foreign power.

Bush attacked and occupied Iraq, but do you really think he is The Savior? Look what has happened to Iraqi people. Are they better off? Look at the injured and dead children; look at the picture of the little child killed yesterday by American troops; look at the national museum of Iraq; look at Is that kind of freedom Bush wants to give my country?

Where was he and his fellow neo-conservative friends when the same Saddam Hussein (who is now the most despised figure in the world) was bombing Iran with chemical weapons? Where was this philanthropic president ‘for all seasons’ when Iranian girls have been raped and buried in mass graves by Iraqi soldiers? Who was caring about Iranians’ freedom, democracy and solidarity when cities of Iran were hit by US made Iraqi missiles?

Why is Bush listing Iran as a country that supports terrorism, and even if he is right, why is he setting limitations for Iranian ordinary people who have suffered the most from terrorism? Why are our movie directors being rejected to enter the States to participate in film festivals (1 , 2 )? Why are our sportsmen fingerprinted while entering the country? Why? What kind of support of the Iranian people is this?

Let us Iranians be suspicious and resentful about any green light Bush and his gang show us. Let us take care of our own diverse society and freedom ourselves

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The riots are declining. Dormitories are evacuated and in ruins. Examinations are suspended. Students are wounded, not only physically, but very much emotionally and mentally.

They were sleeping. I’m talking about students of Tarasht dormitory. They were sleeping while in the middle of midnight pressure groups attacked them like wasps. He was probably dreaming of his wife whom he claims to love more than God when he was hit by the thunderstorm, thunderstorm of the so-called pressure groups. He was running in the middle of midnight, injured, scared, and helpless. People helped him, took him into one of the houses in the area, trying to attend to his injuries. Members of the pressure groups followed him, entered the house, and asked to take the wounded student with them out. The residents of the house didn’t allow them, shouted, and the other neighbors came to help. They sent the pressure groups out. The boy was dying. They asked for help. The emergency center had run out of ambulances. Police came and took him to the hospital. Where is he now? How is he now? No one knows What is his wife whom he loves more than God doing? What is God doing?

He was sleeping when the wasps came; many other students were sleeping as well when they were beaten in the same way. Other students were protesting peacefully when the thunderstorm hit them out of nowhere. People in Iran were living their lives when the thunderstorm hit them. Mortal impact I name it. Where did it come from? Where does it get nourished? Who is supporting all these wasps, all this thunder; all these pressure groups; you name it? No one exactly knows. Or we know and we don’t want to admit, or we know and we are afraid of admitting, or we know and we can do shit about it!

I am bitter, sentimentally angry, and dreadfully sad. Monarchists are killing themselves rambling about a new revolution, a protest, an opposition I hate monarchy, we hate monarchy, we hate any sort of dictatorship. I hate this stupid Bush who is releasing statements in support of the students. I hate him who has no idea what kind of people Iranians are. I hate the monarchists who think we are that stupid to put the red carpet for Reza Pahlavi, the late Shah’s sun. I hate the pressure groups who are literally massacring their fellow Iranian citizens. I hate our reformist government who can do shit about all this chaos. I hate our ‘real’ Government who has closed its eyes on the reality and seeks for popularity and stability in suppressing people. I hate all the students including myself who can do nothing. The biggest thing we can do is just playing the role of scapegoats, victims of the ignorance, brutality, whatever…

If only they knew how small the amount of freedom we are seeking is

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